ABOUT US The Potty Rink is the perfect affordable, portable solution to let your pooch ``go`` inside when you're not home.

The Potty Rink system is made for those who live in apartments, are unable to be home during the day, or travel with their pooch.

If you are looking into indoor potty training your dog, this product is for you.

The Potty Rink provides an affordable way to designate a “spot” inside your home for your pet to conveniently and safely relieve themselves at any time.

Cleaner, Portable & More Affordable Can be used with Drymate Washable Mats, Disposable Potty Pads, Real Grass or Turf.
Hear What People Are Saying

The Potty Rink has been a life saver! I purchased it for my dog Maltese and she uses it periodically now but I’m hoping by winter she’ll use it all the time. It was easy to set up and it cleans easily as well. I’m glad I purchased The Potty Rink. –  Julie S.

Potty Training Tips & Tricks
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