The Potty Rink Red Tray Set

Complete Set Includes:   4 walls, 1 silicone tray, 2 disposable 22-inch puppy pads, and 11 grass design stickers that can be put on, and taken off, over and over again.

Additional Purchase Considerations: washable or disposable puppy pads sized

22×22 inches. On average, one puppy pad will be used each day. If using new washable pads, you will want attractant solution to help guide your pet to the right potty spot. We also carry other stylish sticker designs to decorate your Potty Rink™.


Steps to Setting Up and Cleaning Your Station Area:

  1. Locate a place in your home where your puppy can access the station.
  2. Have treats nearby, so you can reward your pup during training.
  3. Do not place The Potty Rink™ on carpet. Your pup will make mistakes.
  4. Do use a nightlight to help illuminate the station area at night.
  5. Use mild soap and water to clean the tray and walls, Let the red tray drip dry.

Setting Up The Potty Rink™

  1. Set the walls up first. Begin with the scooped side first and work around clockwise (or counter-clockwise) to add the additional 3 walls.
  2. Adhere the grass labels on the walls. They are removeable and reusable, so save the plastic backing for future changes.
  3. Place the silicone tray inside The Potty Rink™ walls.
  4. Put your choice of puppy pad on the red tray. For the environmentally conscious parents, we would like to suggest washable pads. For those wanting to use disposable pads, the best fitting puppy pads are 22×22 inches.
  5. Now you are ready for training and travel with your Potty Rink!

Please check our website at for videos and additional training tips.

We hope you love the features of the Potty Rink™ that make training your puppy to use potty pads easier. The design of this station was created out of need for a well-defined space, portability for travel, minimal expense to maintain, and the ability to choose disposable or washable puppy pads for your dog.

For further information, please visit our website, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and keep in touch about your pup’s training experience. We appreciate any ideas you have to improve our product, so please contact us and let us know what you think.


The Potty Rink Staff


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