The Potty Rink

The Potty Rink set comes with 4 walls, 1 tray, 11 decorative grass labels, one Drymate Washable Potty Training Mat and a 2 oz. bottle of Potty Rink Attractant Solution. The attractant solution will help train your pet to potty in the correct location. You may want to purchase 2-3 additional Drymate Washable Mats, so you are able to have clean ones ready for each day of the week. They wash and hang-dry very quickly, but having a few extras will make the training process easier for you.

1. Set up the walls of the Potty Rink by starting with the scooped/entry piece and working clockwise as you attach the black walls together. (no tools required)

2. Adhere the removable grass labels onto the walls. They are interchangeable and reusable, so be sure to check out the poppy design that’s available at stores and online.

3. Set the tray inside the walls and place the Washable Training Mat on the tray. To help your pet potty in the correct location each time, squirt some POTTY RINK ATTRACTANT SOLUTION in a 3” circle, in the center of the mat.

4. Put the rink in an area where your pet can access it with minimal support, preferably on a hard surface to reduce the chances of damaging your floors while your pet is learning where they should go potty. Think about the future as you may need to move the Potty Rink around the house as your pet begins to navigate stairs or as sleeping arrangements change. It’s best to keep the Potty Rink in one place from the beginning, but if you do need to move it, keep taking your pet to the new location until he or she is able to locate it independently.

5. When you bring your pet home for the first time, place them inside the Potty Rink and say, “go potty” or whatever phrase you plan on using. You will need to sit with your pet for a while and keep them in the boundary of the Potty Rink until they go potty. When they do, make sure to praise them and offer a small tidbit to encourage repetitive action. Veterinarian approved tidbits may help but eventually praise should suffice. If your pet does not go in a short amount of time, retry the same sequence. Every 2-3 hours place your pet inside the Potty Rink and give the same command. Gradually space the potty breaks to every 4-5 hours, later you can move towards every 6-7 hours.

6. As you are training your pet, keep them close by so you can watch for signs that they need to go potty. If you notice your pet sniffing and circling around, take them to the Potty Rink right away and say “go potty”. If your pet starts to go on the floor, scoop them up quickly and take them to the Potty Rink and give your command to reinforce that’s where they should go!

7. It’s easier to potty train your pet by keeping them in a confined area, like a kennel, and not let them have free run of your house when you’re not with them. When you take them out, the first place you should bring them is the Potty Rink. If a home kennel isn’t an option, you can try enclosing your pet in a small area with some favorite toys, food, drink and the Potty Rink. Make sure the space is safe and examine chew toys and the Potty Rink to make sure your pet isn’t chewing on anything or digesting anything harmful.

8. If your pet makes a mistake and goes on the floor while they’re learning, try not to yell at them, just clean it up and try not to make a big deal about it. The last thing you want is a dog with anxiety problems about where to go potty. Most pets aim to please their owners, so punishing your pet can be counterproductive. Scolding will not help, unless you happen to catch them in the process! Then pick them up and rush them to the Potty Rink.

9. It can be helpful to create a station near the Potty Rink that includes treats, Washable Potty Training Mats or potty paper (22”x22” works best) and cleaning spray or wipes for the floor of the rink. If you like, you can use a mild soap and water, vinegar and water, or any store bought spray that is safe on plastic, but do not put the rink in the dishwasher. 10.Remember: Please keep all chemicals out of reach from your pet and children.

Traveling with The Potty Rink

1. Upon arrival at your travel destination, make sure you place the Potty Rink on a hard surface.

2. Set the Potty Rink up where your pet can access it and make sure to use the same commands or physical actions you did to train your pet, like tapping on the floor of the Rink and saying “go potty”. Try to stay in close proximity until you feel comfortable that your pet knows where to go. Information about the Drymate Washable Potty Training Mat The Training Mat provides a soft, comfortable area for potty training young pups. It can also be used for adult dogs you want to train to go in a designated area so they have freedom to go whenever they need relief.

• Absorbs and contains liquids • Leak resistant waterproof backing protects floors

• Moisture is wicked away from surface to reduce urine tracking. • Works great with disposable pads for extra absorbing power and protection.

• Machine washable and reusable.

• Made in the USA.

The Potty Rink interior tray size and the Drymate Washable Potty Training Mat are both 22” x 22”. Material: 100% polyester fiber with bonded, waterproof backing.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS for the Washable Potty Training Mat:

Machine wash warm or hand wash separately. Hang dry. DO NOT BLEACH. We hope you LOVE the portability of the Potty Rink and the confidence your pet will have because he or she NEVER HAS TO WAIT… TO GO!

For further information, please go to for a short tutorial video clip.

If you have any questions about training or questions regarding the Potty Rink, please email us at

Yes, it is possible to train your pet for both indoor and outdoor potty breaks, but it will take consistent responses and praise on your part, so be ready for a little work.

We appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have for future development of our product.


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