How The Potty Rink was Invented


Zoey is a sweet, spirited, little Morkie who became part of our family in August 2015 and is the inspiration for The Potty Rink.

Zoey is a 2-year-old Morkie and she loves soft toys she can toss around and play fetch with. She also loves to travel! Staying home alone is something Zoey dislikes.

Zoey was new to the family and when we were working on our indoor potty training, we experienced quite a few hurdles while using potty pads.  When Zoey used the potty pads alone there was leakage and boundary issues.  We could not find anything on the market that had high enough walls to give her the boundary she needed to stay on the pad.

When I decided to make my own potty station out of wood and hard plastic flooring, so off I went to buy 2 X 4’s, wood screws and a few other items to make my own.  Shortly after setting it up, I used a night-light above the potty station to illuminate the area and this is when I discovered it looked like an ice rink, so that’s when I came up with the name of The Potty Rink.

When I designed the Potty Rink, I wanted to make sure it was made out of recycled plastic and made in the USA.  I also wanted it to be portable and easy to set up without a need for screws or tools.

Making sure The Potty Rink was easy to keep clean was also important to me, so that is how I decided to use a plastic product that could be easily cleaned with wet wipes or simple soap and water.

While I was in a local pet store, I noticed a washable potty training mat and discovered it was manufactured only thirty minutes from my house.  That same day, I reached out to RPM-Drymate and we began our joint venture of creating The Potty Rink set that includes a washable mat and wall labels that are interchangeable with a variety of creative designs.

I really hope you love the portability, design and creative efforts that have been developed from our individual experience and needs with Zoey.

I would love to hear how your training is going, so please make sure to send me an email.

Diane & Zoey

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