Indoor Puppy Pad Training

It is a known fact that most dogs relieve themselves 3-5 times per day and further agreed by many small dog owners that, small breed dogs relieve themselves about 6 times per day.  Even though this may not be an issue for your family, when you tie in the fact that some dogs fail to drink enough water while owners are away, the susceptibility of urinary tract infections increase and may give you a stronger desire to consider indoor puppy training that lasts his or her lifetime. 

In a recent article, Dr. Kristy Conn shares that dogs who “hold urine for prolonged periods of time has been linked with increased incidence of urinary tract infections and urinary stones.” She also suggests that certain cancers may develop because of repeated prolonged waiting periods. (, 2017) 

Once you have committed to providing your dog a place to go potty indoors, you will quickly become aware of the options you between the various training stations on the market.  These systems range in price from initial costs of $20 to over $300 depending on the product you choose.  

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, portable, cost effective and versatile training station, then The Potty Rink may be your best choice.  The Potty Rink promotes the use of washable pads, but it can accommodate newspaper, disposable pads, turf or grass.  It is designed with consumer choice in mind and with limited need to purchase replacement items such as rolls of paper, replacement turf and weekly grass delivery.  

As you decide which potty pad station is best for your dog and lifestyle, you should ask these questions before you commit to one product over the other. 

Things to Consider 

What is the initial cost of the station and accessories? 

How often do I need to replace products? 

What will the cost be after 10 years of use?  

Will the product travel easily? 

Do I have a choice of tray products or am I stuck with one turf, grass, paper or washable pads? 

What are the effects on our landfills? 


Written by: Diane Rock 

References How Often Should a Dog Urinate? Retrieved December 2017. 


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