ABOUT US The Potty Rink is the perfect affordable, portable solution to let your pooch ``go`` inside when you're not home.

The Potty Rink system is made for those who live in apartments, are unable to be home during the day, or travel with their pooch.

If you are looking into indoor potty training your dog, this product is for you. Cleaner than pads alone, more affordable than grass. When the Potty Rink station is used with washable pads, there is less landfill waste and over 50% less cost during a 10 year period.

The Potty Rink and all accessories are made of recycled materials in the USA! The Potty Rink provides an affordable way to designate a “spot” inside your home for your pet to conveniently and safely relieve themselves at any time.


Our mission is to provide a pet product that is affordable, portable, stylish and versatile and educate our customers about reusable products.

Our vision is to reduce landfill waste by promoting reusable products.

MEET DIANE & ZOEY Zoey is a sweet, spirited, little Morkie who became part of our family in August 2015 and is the inspiration for The Potty Rink.

Zoey was new to the family and when we were working on our indoor potty training, we experienced quite a few hurdles while using potty pads.  When Zoey used the potty pads alone there was leakage and boundary issues.  We could not find anything on the market that had high enough walls to give her the boundary she needed to stay on the pad.

This is when we decided to make our own potty station.

Made out of recycled plastic and made in the USA. The Potty Rink is portable and easy to set up without a need for screws or tools. It is also easy to keep clean!
VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS US Air Force Veteran/Active Duty Service from 1989-1994. I traveled to Saudi Arabia and spent most of my time in Japan. I was awarded the Southwest Asia Ribbon for my participation in Desert Calm Campaign. - Diane
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