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How many washable pads will my pet use in his or her lifetime?

Since the pads can be used over and over again, we have estimated you should be able to get several years of use from one pad, if washed in warm water, no bleach and hung to dry.  If you want to rotate the pads, we recommend having 6 to 8 pads, so you limit wash times to one time per week.  Set up a dry rack for ease of laundering and you will be pleasantly surprised how fast the pads try and you will feel good about the sustainable efforts you are making by using washable potty pads.


How long should I expect the potty training to take?

It can take anywhere from a few times of trying to several months.  Just make sure to slowly increase your dog’s free roaming ability when you are away.  If your pup has not mastered the use of the potty, he or she should have less area to roam.  This area should slowly be increased and you may need to go back to the previous size area if your dog is confused about where to go.


What if my dog likes to go pee in one spot, and poop in a separate spot?

You may need to have 2 Potty Rinks, side-by-side.  This has proven to work for some dogs.


Can I use turf, newspaper or real grass in the Potty Rink?

Yes, you can.  Whatever works best for you and your dog, can be used instead of the washable pad or with the washable pad as an extra lay of protection for run-off.


How can we travel with the Potty Rink, if there are not laundry facilities at our destination? 

The Potty Rink works with either washable or disposable potty pads, so just take a few disposable pads, a washable pad to use as the tray underneath the disposable pad.  Don’t forget the walls, because once you set those up, your dog will know exactly where to go potty!

How long does it usually take to fulfill orders?  

2-3 days

How long does shipping take? 

7-10 business days

When can the customer expect to have their order arrive in the mail? 

7-10 business days