The Potty Rink Complete System


The Potty Rink System includes four 5″ tall interlocking walls, 22″ x 22″ washable tray that can be used with either washable mats or disposable pads, interchangeable grass label designs and 2 oz. bottle of Attractant Spray.

Give your pooch a clear designated area where they can “go” indoors.

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The Potty Rink System comes with everything you need to get your dog started. Give your pooch a clear designated area where they can ``go`` indoors.

The Potty Rink System Includes:

Four 5″ Tall Interlocking Walls

22″ x 22″ Washable Tray

Interchangeable Grass Label Designs

2 oz. Bottle of Attractant Spray

Cleaner, Portable & More Affordable

The Potty Rink can be used with Drymate Washable Mats, Disposable Potty Pads, Real Grass or Turf.

Easy assembly and set-up: Distinct 5″ tall walls helps your pet know where to go and where the boundaries are.

Versatile: For easy clean-up use our signature 22″x22″ Drymate mat with excellent absorption (fits in our form fit leak proof tray) or you use news-paper or favorite liner or potty pad.

Portable: Our 22″ x 22″ model folds up and fits in most standard suitcases.

Hear What People Are Saying

The Potty Rink has been a life saver! I purchased it after my Maltese was attacked by a coyote. (Luckily it dropped her and she healed from surgery.) She uses it periodically now but I’m hoping by winter she’ll use it all the time. It was easy to set up and it cleans easily as well. I’m glad I purchased this product. –  Julie S.


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